The Welsh Terrier Club

The Welsh Terrier Club

Current Welsh Terriers for Re-homing

REHOMING - Below is a list of dogs that need a new pet home:-


Who is now with one of our breeder members. She was bought by a lady, previously a gundog owner, who worked from home BUT, from a puppy, Lettie was kept out of the workroom, so over the years she became desperate for human interaction and now clamours for attention when she sees a human pass by/come near. Cannot live with another dog. Prospective adopters viewing next week.

A kennel brood bitch up to 13 months ago when, on her 3rd birthday, she was rehomed as a pet just 5 weeks after her 3rd litter was born. When hospital stays were necessary for the new owners on several occasions , Megan was boarded at a local kennels and finally the owners realized they weren t doing the best for Megan or themselves. Megan was signed over to us, and she remains at the kennels, totally used to them and their routine, at our expense. Cannot live with another dog.

looking for a quiet steady home where, at the start, he won t be expected to want patting, cuddling or affection until he has learnt to relax and discover that life is a whole lot more enjoyable when accepting human companionship all at his own pace, which could be many months down the line.

ALL up to date as at 20.4.17


If you would like to be considered for any of these Welsh Terriers, or to find out more details of our rehoming procedure, then please email for an information sheet and application form.