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The Welsh Terrier Club

Current Welsh Terriers for Re-homing

REHOMING - Below is a list of dogs that need a new pet home:-


3 year old BASIL is looking for a quiet steady home where, at the start, he won t be expected to want patting, cuddling or affection until he has learnt to relax and discover that life is a whole lot more enjoyable when accepting human companionship, all at his own pace which could be many months down the line.
Basil is quite self-contained and independent, so that when any attention is needed from a human [grooming, medical etc] he doesn t know how to cope. It would be very much a case of going back to square one, using positive reinforcement training (which uses praise and/or treats as reward for doing something you want him to do). Because the reward will make him more likely to repeat the behaviour, positive reinforcement would be one of the most powerful tools for shaping or changing his behaviour.
We are looking for a home with someone who has previous experience of this type of training and is prepared to take on the challenge.

ROSIE is 11 years old and lives in the south east. Her owners reluctantly have to rehome her because they are moving to a flat and can t take her with them.She is very good with children but not with cats and squirrels etc [pretty normal!] ; she is okay with other dogs - although as with all Welsh Terriers she has her moments!
Rosie does have a dermatitis condition [the itching] where she needs a daily steroid tablet during the spring/summer and then come the autumn/winter it can be reduced to alternate days; probably connected to that she has had several cysts removed over the years, which all proved to be benign. Apart from that her health is very good including, for her age, her teeth.
She does not require a huge amount of exercise - she will take as little or as much as is given.

Updated 12.5.17

From time to time, we are also advised by breeders of retired brood bitches who are looking for a pet home.


If you would like to be considered for any of these Welsh Terriers, or to find out more details of our rehoming procedure, then please email for an information sheet and application form.