Welsh Terrier Club

About Welsh Terriers

A breed with a truly working background, the Welsh Terrier is perhaps rather less exuberant than some of the other members of the Terrier Group. As such he tends to make a very satisfactory house dog with a love of family companionship. He is a dog with a cheerful spirit and is good with children. Like many of his cousins, he was originally used in hunting the fox, badger and otter.


He is a neat, workman like dog with a tight wiry coat, normally black and tan and is relatively easy to maintain in a clean state with a normal degree of trimming.


The Welsh and Lakeland Terriers which have considerable similarities, may well have had a common origin prior to the Roman invasion of Britain when the Celtic owners retreated to the Welsh mountains and the Lake District.


The Little Welsh Dragon

by Terry Spencer, former Welsh Terrier Club Secretary, breeder and owner Download and Read