Welsh Terrier Club

Current Welsh Terriers for Re-homing

REHOMING - Below is a list of dogs that need a new pet home:-


We, the Club, have none at the moment to list here .......

BUT - our colleagues at TerrierSOS, who have the facilities take dogs in, do, so please
look further down this page at the Welsh Terriers they have at the moment.

Please note - very few dogs make it to this website because we have vetted lists of people
waiting to take one, so a dog coming up is likely to be instantly matched to someone on the

We will ALWAYS want to know the full home background and experience of any applicant before
we can consider you for a dog that might have come up. If you would like to be considered
for a Welsh Terrier that might come up in future, then send an email to
wtcrehoming@gmail.com for a questionnaire/information sheet for you to complete and send in
to us.

Very occasionally, a breeder might advise us of one of their retired brood bitches that
is looking for a pet home.


Wonderful Welshie Wilma for WWW (Wonderful Welshie Wednesday). Wilma is a Welsh Terrier that really needs to be an only dog with welshie experienced people. She is typical of her breed - she is fine for 95% of the time - but that 5% they really pack in the troublesome terrier behaviour. We really would like to find this girl a home - but really need a family that will have the time and patience to work with her. She is fine with dogs outside the home but beause of her behaviour we are concerned any resident dog would start reacting to her - so it is best if she is on her own. She is still in her private home but Terrier SOS will support any home and she will have back up. If you are up for a challenge and can throw this girl a lifeline - please contact me - I know in the right home environment she will improve.
7 year old Hetty needs a new home. She is with TerrierSOS in Norfolk. The original
background details when she was handed over were:
- Hetty travels well in the car, fully vaccinated (has EU passport) and has no known health
problems - She loves her games and toys, and will de-stuff any soft toy in 5 seconds flat.
She is a typical terrier and will bark when someone comes to the door or if she needs to
tell the birds off, however once she has said what she needs to say she settles - She is
friendly with most dogs but can be selective (which is perfectly normal for a Welshie!)
Cannot be left off lead as her recall is also selective.

So, a super all round Welsh Terrier, but she does have one vice: she will guard her bed at
night. She has never bitten, but at night she will not tolerate any passers-by; once she is
in bed she must be left alone. She is used to sleeping downstairs and we have a plan in
place to support any prospective family and they will have to follow our guidance. But this
also means she cannot live with children, but she does live with a dog and could live with a
relaxed dog.

Sadly, Hetty was returned to TerrierSOS after her first placement; she was exhibiting many
behaviours that were unexpected, so she came back in for further assessment. With her
quirks, whoever adopts her will need back up/guidance from the TerrierSOS team for a
considerable time afterwards, and due to this they will only consider homes in the
East/Southeast areas where there are members of the team locally.

If you would like to find out more about Hetty, go to the TerrierSOS website:
www.terriersos.com and you will find Hetty in the list of dogs for adoption on the
right-hand side. The adoption application form is on her page.


1st May 2024 - an update from TerrierSOS Adoptables, who are caring for several Welsh
Terriers that need new homes

Dear all - We have another #welshiewednesday!
We have Welsh terriers in rescue and also we have a waiting list of dogs we would like to
bring into rescue. We highlighted Wilma a few weeks ago and now would like to tell you about
Gryff WAS rehomed - he was very loved and a wonderful Welshie companion - sadly his owner
had a life altering health condition and was no longer able to care for him. We always are
there for our dogs for whatever reason, so Gryff came back to us.
We are saddened he has had to return to rescue and are looking for a new forever home for
Gryff is an older gentleman, about 7 - he is a darling Welsh terrier - he walks well on
lead, travels well in the car, can be left for short periods -loves a cuddle and really
enjoys spending time with his family. He mixes well with dogs outside the home - but is best
as an only dog within his own home.

Gryff does suffer with epilepsy - and he is on medication - the dosage he is on keeps his
condition under control. He will need to have this monitored - but we will advise any new
family.Gryff does like to dig - so he will help you plant those spring flowers! He can also
dig indoors if he catches the smell of anything fun - he is easily distracted from this -
just a terrier being a terrier.

If you think Gryff is the boy for you - please go to the TerrierSOS website, download a
Homing Questionnaire and get in touch.



So, youve seen my photo on the internet. Arent I handsome? Youve fallen in love with me already? Wonderful - but wait:

Did you read the write up on me? I mean really read it and think about it? Cosmetically I am everything you have been looking for, right?

- But what about the bit where it says I am not good with cats? Did you read that and take it in? Oh, you have a cat but your cat has always lived with a Dog and is dog savvy, so it will be fine. Did you not think about the stress it would put me under every single day while you are trying to get me used to the cat?
- I am reactive to other dogs. Oh, you will take me to the park every day to socialise me until I get used to them? Did you stop to think about my adrenaline levels rising daily and not having a chance to come back down?
- I get anxious around children - No worries, your child has grown up with Dogs so it wont be a problem. Did you think that the only way I have to tell them to leave me alone is by snapping? Would you then return me as a biter if I bit your child when I felt I had no other option?
- The illness I have that needs a special diet and medication daily. No worries, your previous dog had an illness and you got him over it. You can do the same with me? Did you think how ill I will get if you mess my medication up?
- I get stressed if I am left too long on my own. Oh, so you could get a dog Walker in to walk me during the day while youre working. Do I know this dog Walker. Will I trust them to do what is right for me? And what about when they put me in their van with other dogs? What if that freaks me out?
- Did you read the bit where it says I get stressed being around strange people? Oh, I will get used to going on those lovely camping holidays. It will be so much fun for me. What if I get really reactive instead because I cant cope?
- You already have a dog and he is missing having a friend to run around with. What about the pain I am in with my Hip Dysplasia? Maybe I dont want to rough and tumble with your other dog.
- Your other dog is a male but he gets on with all dogs. Did you read the bit where it states I am in rescue for fighting with the other dog in my previous home? Oh, its not a problem, youve watched a video on how to introduce a new dog?

WHEN you looked at my photo, what did you see? Did you see a fluffy cuddly bundle that will perfectly suit the environment you want to take me to?
Did you see a sentient being. One that has a beating heart. One that has already been let down previously by humans. One that has needs of their own. A being that may have baggage because they have been let down in the past.
The rescue people have spent time assessing me to find out what I am really like. To find the areas I need special attention with. To work out what will be the best environment for me to go and live in.
They really want what is best for me. They do not want to set me up to fail - others have done that in the past.
When they spend time with you, giving you advice its because they have got to know me. They listened to me. Not because they are know-it-alls that like the sound of their own voice.
So, when you are looking for a new family member, instead of thinking of cosmetics like colour and fur length, think about what is inside. What dog is best suited to your lifestyle. Really look at the photo. READ the bio on me and really think if I am suitable.

Listen to the people caring for me. They want it to work for both of us. They are trying to help.



If you would like to be considered for any of these Welsh Terriers, or to find out more details of our rehoming procedure, then please email for an information sheet and application form.