Welsh Terrier Club

How to Join the Welsh Terrier Club.

The Welsh Terrier Club exists to promote all aspects of the breed, bring enthusiasts together for a variety of activities and offer help and encouragement where needed.

Naturally the show ring features prominently, with one breed Championship and one breed Open Show organised each year by the Club. However, a number of other events are also promoted, to which all club members are welcomed.

On a serious note, members recognise that there are times when, for whatever reason, it becomes impossible for a dog to remain in its current home. The Breed Rescue Co-Ordinator works to care for and where possible to re-home these dogs.

If you are interested in Terriers and in particular the Welsh Terriers, then why not join the Club which is dedicated to its care and welfare. Membership includes ..


• Autumn Championship Show

• Spring Open Show

• Seminars

• 3 Times a year Newsletter

• Annual Year Book

• Social events


Subscriptions are due on 1st January annually. Membership fees are as follows:


Single, Joint, Family £13.00

Senior Citizen (Single & Joint) £10.00

Overseas Membership £20.00 (Sterling Only)


If you wish to become a member of the Welsh Terrier Club there are two ways of joining:-


(a) download the membership application form and return it with your cheque to the Membership Secretary Christine Couzens at the address shown on the form.


(b) Use the Paypal facility by clicking on our  Pay your Subscription Online page, at the same time emailing wtcmembership822@gmail.com with the following information:


- Name(s) of people joining (single/joint or family membership) if a family membership, please include the ages of the children.

- contact telephone number
- how you heard of us – other WT owners/Crufts/breeder/website


Please read the Welsh Terrier Club Terms and conditions