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The new Judges Competency Framework (JCF) becomes effective from January 2019.
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The Breed Appreciation Day (BAD) is mandatory for all judges wishing to judge Welsh Terriers from the new level 2, or judges wishing to progress from level 1 to level 2.


This was held on 15th April 2018 the Kennel Club Building Stoneleigh, Warwickshire.  The first part consisted of an introduction, given by Alexandra Witmond to a packed room, to the Welsh Terrier and the Kennel Club Breed Standard. This is an essential part of the criteria in giving CC’s in the breed. This was followed by the opportunity for individuals to examine 5 CC or RCC Welsh Terrier winners assisted by CC judges. Then there was a comparison of the 3 head types using live models for a Lakie, WFT and of course a Welsh. This went down very well, with many asking for the head comparison picture we use.


The second part of the day consisted of the Multiple Choice Exam (MCE) on the Kennel Club Breed Standard of the Welsh Terrier. The exam papers were marked afterwards and candidates were advised of their results a few days later.


Thanks must be given to those that brought dogs; it certainly helped to make the day more tangible to the candidates, to actually get their hands on dogs to bring the standard to life.


The feedback both verbally and on Facebook was very positive. A big well done and thank you to everyone in the Welsh Terrier Club who masterminded and organized the day.


An investigation by the Royal Veterinary College into Paroxysmal Dyskinesia – a movement disorder


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Sally Poole 6th February 1933 – 7th February 2017

We are so sad to report that Sally Poole, the highly respected and successful breeder of "ALOKIN" Welsh
Terriers died on 7th February, the day after her 84th birthday, after several months of ill health. Sally had been
a WTC member for over 62years and on the committee for 53 years, latterly was our President and Patron.


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