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Rehoming Successes

Andrew & Megan with friends - Canine & Donkey

Andrew W gave a pet home to 6 year old retired brood bitch Megan in November 2008. Andrew wrote: ‘After a start when she was scared of everything - doors, steps, wheelie-bins, even blowing leaves - she's now much more confident, and on the quiet part of walks is off the lead, and coming when called (well mostly). She's a very affectionate and gentle girl, but there is a Welsh Terrier in there, as cats have found out! Anyone thinking of taking an ex-brood bitch should do so.


They may surprise you in the first few weeks as to how little they know about being a companion dog, but they are amazingly adaptable, and the effort and patience pay you back quite soon, many fold.

Let me at them!

Taffy was a much loved 6 year old boy whose young owners were certain he wouldn’t cope with their first baby. Hilary & John D wanted a companion for their 2 year old Airedale Molly (also a rescue dog), and so Taffy joined their family in 2007, Taffy taking on the role of the family’s clown & mischief maker!


The family – humans & terriers – are great walkers and most weekends are off finding new parts of Britain to explore.

Stanley relaxing with his new dad

Stanley was a 10 month old pup when we were first contacted. The family lifestyle – young children, both adults working - basically did not leave much time for Stanley, and he was entering into adolescence with all that can entail with male terriers.


Three months later, in January 09, we were finally given the go ahead to re-home him. Catriona & Pete T, seasoned rescue dog owners, including a Welsh Terrier, took Stanley into their home – and he has never looked back. Stanley is their constant companion, so much so that regulars in the village pub complain when Stanley stays behind at home!

Tilly Dead to the World
Tilly was a 5 month old puppy when she was handed over to us in May 2008. Suffice to say she was a VERY traumatised little girl who had been totally misunderstood and mis-handled in those first all important weeks of life in a pet home. Tilly was fostered by a Club member, who rehabilitated her for over three months and taught her to believe that life is good; and finally Tilly went to her new home with Claire & Richard S in August 2008, where she has fitted in beautifully, and is a great favourite with the family’s two teenage sons. As with all our re-homed Welsh, we are on hand to give advice and support when needed.
Thisby & her daughter Tanwan  
I wish someone would play with me


In 2005 we were contacted by the solicitor of a retired doctor who had just died and whose Welsh Terriers, 5 year old mother & 18 month old daughter, needed rescuing urgently. We did a 400 mile round trip, collected the two, and installed them with one of our volunteer fosterers. They were in quite a state, having been neglected because of the owner’s situation for several months.


After they were cleaned up and given a few weeks of steady routine & care, they were then spayed and two weeks later went to their new pet homes – Thisby with David M & his family and Tanwen with Graham & Paige W. Both settled in amazingly quickly and became firm favourites with both families.



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