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Bardi McLennan, passed away on Oct 27, 2017 aged 91.


In 1993 Bardi wrote the first book about the breed (called ‘Welsh Terriers’!) since Morlais Thomas’ 1953 ‘Welsh Terrier Handbook’.  She followed this in 1998 with ‘The Welsh Terrier leads the Way’, a very comprehensive description of the history of the breed back to the Welsh origins upto the modern day dog, breeders and show ring history.


A breeder and exhibitor of Welsh Terriers since the mid-1960s, Bardi had a strong connection with Emlyn Snow and the Felstead kennels. She built up her kennel “Bardwyn” to include several top producing dogs. Her dogs earned American Kennel Club titles in conformation, obedience, and at earth dog trials, and she judged numerous competitions.


Bardi, along with four other Welsh Terrier Club of America members formed the Glyndwr Welsh Terrier Club in January 1977. She was extraordinarily connected to all things Welsh Terrier - it surely seemed as if everyone either heard of her or knew her. With a mind as sharp as a tack until her last day, she kept tabs on the results of all the shows, as well as all the dog news.

An investigation by the Royal Veterinary College into Paroxysmal Dyskinesia – a movement disorder


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Sally Poole 6th February 1933 – 7th February 2017

We are so sad to report that Sally Poole, the highly respected and successful breeder of "ALOKIN" Welsh
Terriers died on 7th February, the day after her 84th birthday, after several months of ill health. Sally had been
a WTC member for over 62years and on the committee for 53 years, latterly was our President and Patron.


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